• Innovation through combination, a sustainable yield farm. as our slogan, The Network Society is a combination of all great features from other existing/past dapps combined into one. Built in Binance Smart Chain (BSC20), The project offers a variable yield % of 1.0% to 2.0% with a maximum profit of 300% of the total deposited amount and a maximum compound cap of 5x the users direct deposited amount.

  • Compound action every 24 hours will give the investor an additional 0.05% for their current yield which can increase up to 2.0%. Compound is not mandatory, but compounding daily dividends will increase the investors daily yield and dividends. There is a 3% sustainability tax every compound in which that 3% will stay in the contract. This makes the platform have a deflationary behavior. User's are free to compound at any time, but compound bonuses will only take effect when a compound was done after 24 hours of last compound action.

    Every withdraw/sell action, will have a 0.5% deduction to the user's current yield. If the user's current daily yield is between 1.0% to 1.5%, Then when the user sell/withdraw their dividends the daily yield will go back to 1.0%. If the user's current daily yield is between 1.55% to 2.0%, then yield will decrease 0.5% (i.e user current yield is 2.0%, after sell/withdraw yield will decrease to 1.5%).

  • There is a 4% invite bonus for every user that uses an invite link. 2% Referral Bonus and 2% Referee Cashback Bonus. In which 1% will go to the referee as direct deposit, 1% will be transfered to referee wallet as cashback and another 1% will go to the referer as direct deposit, 1% will be transfered to referer wallet as an invite bonus.

    If an investor used an invite link that not a member of the network, the protocol will automatically setup a network leader on the investors behalf. Referral links will only work if the network invite address is already part of The Network Society. Once successfully deposited in the protocol, investors can start creating their own network by inviting new investors under their own invite link.

  • We want this dApp to generate external revenue in order to gain yield that can be re-injected back to the platform, and will be investing 20% of each deposit for this. The wallet balance and investments will be displayed on the front end so we have total transparency of where the funds are allocated.

  • Investors will have less withdraw tax depending on their consecutive compound count/days. The default sustainability tax is set to 10% but consecutive compounding will decrease this percentage for as low as 2%. Take note that for each withdraw/claim the tax will reset back to 10% and users will need to do another round of consecutive compound to lessen the withdraw tax.

  • If no action was done within 48 hours, reward accumulation will stop and accumulation of rewards will only reset if a deposit, withdraw or compound action is done. This is to avoid investors from accumulating for a long period of time and just sell everything which may cause a huge dump in the TVL.

  • Each investment will be deducted with 10% Deposit tax. For example: User deposited 100 BUSD(- 10% Deposit Tax = 10 BUSD). Investors amount deposited will remain 100 BUSD and the tax will be paid by the contract as a whole. This tax will be used for project maintenance, marketing and admin fees. This deposit tax will also be used to refill the rewards pool whenever the team see fit. There will be no taxes that benefit the project owners aside from this. All other taxes will stay in the contract.

  • Users can airdrop invested addresses which will go directly as users direct deposit instead of making it withdrawable/claimable. Network Leaders can airdrop individually for addresses under their network with a minimum of 1 BUSD.

  • 1% of each deposit will be put into the rewards pool. Last deposited address will win the pot when no deposit was done after 6 hours of last deposit. The pot for each round has a 2,000 BUSD limit. Event can run every 1 hour to 24 hours depending on the project owners setting.

  • The winning address will be awarded with 3% of his deposited amount. Reward will be directly sent to the winning address after the event draw. Event can run every 1 day to 7 days depending on the project owners setting.

  • Our Plan for the TNS ecosystem will not stop with just a single DApp. Moving forward, the TNS team will also be releasing our own token which will have it's own utility within our own ecosystem and to other platforms. This roadmap will be continously updated as we finish our target releases.